[Members] FOSDEM 2011/Summit 10 - Call for Participants.

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Dec 8 07:54:15 CST 2010

On Wed Dec  8 13:11:37 2010, Will Sheward wrote:
> 2. Give a Devroom talk!
> On 5th Feb the XSF will be running a devroom at FOSDEM featuring  
> tutorials, demonstrations, presentations etc. The XSF devroom is  
> usually very popular with FOSDEM attendees. If you want to propose  
> a devroom talk, please let us know as soon as possible (technical  
> talks please, no marketing rubbish!).
> 3. Help out at the Booth
> We'll be promoting XMPP and the XSF at a booth on 5th and 6th (and  
> trying to sell t-shirts). We need volunteers to help staff the  
> booth on both of those days. Any time you can donate would be  
> gratefully received.

One thing I'd particularly like to do (or get done) this year is to  
have a "showcase" of how XMPP can be used. Both real-world, deployed,  
cases and interesting proofs of concept would be good, but the aims  

a) To make the stand more interesting.

b) To encourage people into looking into XMPP.

c) To demonstrate to us boring[*] server people what features are  
used (and how they're used).

I think having some time for people to talk tech about these projects  
would be useful, either in the devroom or at the summit.

I will as usual be manning the booth. If I can think of a devroom  
talk I'll offer that too, but that requires some good ideas of what  
to talk about to that audience.

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* - Not that I'm really that boring. I went to a party last year.  
Even had a conversation and *everything*. Admittedly it was about the  
relative merits of channel binding vs X.509 strong authentication,  
but still, social interaction, here I come. Nobody ever reads this  
far in my emails anyway, so frankly I don't know why I bother writing  
these bits, I'm really just wasting time until we start the annual  
discussions about t-shirt slogans and cuddly toy mascots.

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