[Members] New Wiki?

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Mon Feb 15 02:00:56 CST 2010

> Hi all you beautiful XMPP members! :-)

Hi Steffen, thanks for your email.

> I also have some questions for you guys that have a longer relationship with
> the current wiki.. what is the current wiki used for?.. As I see it we use
> it as an intranet for swapping XMPP ideas, consolidating dates, meetings,
> future roadmaps etc? Am I correct? on the current wiki there is also some
> links for XMPP servers and clients, but why is this needed if they are
> already presented on the normal page of www.xmpp.org? I would also like to
> see the new wiki as a starting place for new members (like my self) to get
> an introduction about the structure of XMPP, the different teams etc. So all
> the stuff on the www.xmpp.org is the public stuff about the XMPP protocol
> and the wiki.xmpp.org is for the collaborating members.

the wiki was used for lots of stuff in the past. Even if the most
pages are applications now. You will find also many other content
I think it's not in use that much today because there is no structure
at all and its hard to locate any content. I always use the search
functions, or locate content over "all pages" which is not user
Before we switched to the new web server we had links to content items
on the frontpage:

> * We can import our current media wiki if we want to.. there is a plugin for
> this..

sounds good

> What do you guys think?.. Shall I continue my work and present a workable
> demo of it in the coming weeks (I'll send a link later on)?.. I would also
> gladly help by installing the software on the servers if the members think
> its a good idea.

I don't like the MediaWiki at all. I just use it because its there ;-)
So +1 for switching to a system which is more user, admin and editor friendly.


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