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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Feb 16 04:32:18 CST 2010

On Tue Feb 16 10:03:38 2010, Will Sheward wrote:
> The way I've done it on the new site is to list clients simply,  
> with all of their supported platforms, and make the table both  
> sortable and searchable. Having 1 column per operating system is a  
> recipe for a VERY wide table eventually.
> I stuck a sample up at http://willsheward.net/?page_id=8

That's very pretty - sorry, Visually Compelling - but I think that  
there's a couple of problems.

First off, people do, I think, look for cross-platform clients, in  
the cases where they have multiple platforms in their organizations  
and wish to support a single client if possible. These people will  
have to visually inspect the list.

Secondly, sorting the list doesn't actually put all the Windows  
capable clients together, and there's no way of getting a neat list  
of Mac OS X clients.

I suspect what you actually want is to have some checkboxes at the  
top to allow the suer to list, say, only clients which can run on Mac  
OS X and Windows. That also means that "Mobile" can be broken down  
into something useful (like S60, iPhone, MeeGo/Maemo, etc).

Finally, some will like Open Source, some will need commercial  
support, and some might even insist on both.

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