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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Feb 17 12:42:57 CST 2010

One of my long-time responsibilities has been maintenance of existing
XEPs (and schemas and registries and so on). This takes a lot of my
time, and I will soon have a lot less time because I have been named
Applications Area Director (with XSF member Alexey Melnikov) at the
IETF. Therefore I think we need a better process for XEP revisions. And
by "better" I mean something other than "stpeter will fix the spec".

Currently my process is that I print out a XEP, mark it up on paper, and
key in edits. This worked fine in the old days but now we have a lot of
specs, so I simply don't have time to make all the edits myself. We
could use the technical review team to review specs in more detail (as
we've started to do with XEP-0045), but I think we'll need more people
to complete the edits in the XEP files themselves. This means we'll need
a real style guide and some principles of protocol design and a better
editorial team and even more reviews because until now everyone has
mostly trusted me to do the right thing (fix up language issues, correct
examples and schemas, know when to bump namespace versions, etc. etc.)
with oversight from the Council and good insight into the actual changes
I've made via source control diffs.

Anyway, I just wanted to raise the issue for now. As a first step I'll
call a meeting of the technical review team (which currently doesn't
even have a team lead) so that we can discuss this more seriously.



Peter Saint-Andre

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