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Wed Feb 17 12:51:06 CST 2010

are you interested in trying to use something like Crucible (an
Atlassian product that enables code reviews) for this?

I thought about it last night - each XEP would be in the code
repository and edits would get commited and then the reviewers would
use Crucible to markup and comment on the changes - once approved the
XEP would then be tagged to represent the current version.

too complex?
am I sniffing my cat's litter box and my brain is fried?
too simple?


On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 13:42, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> One of my long-time responsibilities has been maintenance of existing
> XEPs (and schemas and registries and so on). This takes a lot of my
> time, and I will soon have a lot less time because I have been named
> Applications Area Director (with XSF member Alexey Melnikov) at the
> IETF. Therefore I think we need a better process for XEP revisions. And
> by "better" I mean something other than "stpeter will fix the spec".
> Currently my process is that I print out a XEP, mark it up on paper, and
> key in edits. This worked fine in the old days but now we have a lot of
> specs, so I simply don't have time to make all the edits myself. We
> could use the technical review team to review specs in more detail (as
> we've started to do with XEP-0045), but I think we'll need more people
> to complete the edits in the XEP files themselves. This means we'll need
> a real style guide and some principles of protocol design and a better
> editorial team and even more reviews because until now everyone has
> mostly trusted me to do the right thing (fix up language issues, correct
> examples and schemas, know when to bump namespace versions, etc. etc.)
> with oversight from the Council and good insight into the actual changes
> I've made via source control diffs.
> Anyway, I just wanted to raise the issue for now. As a first step I'll
> call a meeting of the technical review team (which currently doesn't
> even have a team lead) so that we can discuss this more seriously.
> Thanks!
> Peter
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