[Members] board meeting minutes for 2009-12-23

Jack Moffitt jack at collecta.com
Tue Jan 5 12:01:53 CST 2010

# Minutes for XSF Board Meeting on December 23, 2009

## Present

* Jack Moffitt (Board)
* Peter Saint-Andre
* Will Sheward (Board)
* Nicolas Vérité (Board)

## Minutes

### Wikipedia Article Deletions

The board discussed the recent Wikipedia article deletions for
XMPP-related content. Peter has been moving the content from Wikipedia
over to the XSF wiki. He would appreciate some assistance if anyone
would like to help move the relevant pages to the XSF wiki.

### 8th XMPP Summit

Next, the board discussed the upcoming 8th XMPP Summit in
Brussels. The dates were approved and published on the blog. Florian
is still investigating hotel choices for the XMPP Summit portion of
the time.

### Annual Meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be the official Annual Meeting, and
the board will try and fill the various positions including Chairman,
Secretary, and Treasurer. It was suggested that we need to find a new
treasurer and that the new treasurer need local access to a Wells
Fargo branch. Jack suggested that we switch to an open source
accounting package to make it easy to hand this job around and will
bring some suggestions to the next meeting.

### Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Board will be January 6th, 2010, and it will
constitute the Annual Meeting.

## Chat Log

The chat log was already e-mailed to the members list by Peter.

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