[Members] board meeting minutes for 2009-12-23

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Tue Jan 5 15:55:47 CST 2010

Am 05.01.2010 19:01, Jack Moffitt wrote:
> The next meeting of the Board will be the official Annual Meeting, and
> the board will try and fill the various positions including Chairman,
> Secretary, and Treasurer. It was suggested that we need to find a new
> treasurer and that the new treasurer need local access to a Wells
> Fargo branch. Jack suggested that we switch to an open source
> accounting package to make it easy to hand this job around and will
> bring some suggestions to the next meeting.

I volunteer for the Secretary duties again. Sorry, but I was busy the 
last weeks with holidays, renovations and software releases. I will open 
the Q1/2010 application period ASAP.


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