[Members] Board minutes, 2010-01-06

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jan 11 17:41:52 CST 2010

XSF Board Meeting, 2010-01-06

Board members present: Florian Jensen, Jack Moffitt, Will Sheward,
Nicolas Vérité (quorum achieved)

Agenda provided by Jack Moffitt:

0. Agenda Bashing
1. Election of Officers
   * Chairman of the Board
   * Secretary
   * Treasurer
   * others?
2. Account Software for Treasury Management
3. XMPP Summit Preparations and Planning
   * Hotel accomodations
   * Initial agendas
   * Dinner
4. Any Other Business
5. Next Meeting


0. No agenda bashing

1. Election of Officers

1a. Chair. Jack Moffitt volunteered, no other volunteers, Jack the
unanimous choice.

1b. Secretary. Alexander Gnauck has volunteered to serve again,
unanimously accepted by the Board.

1c. Treasurer. Discussion about how to proceed given that the current
treasurer is not really engaged in the work of the XSF. Agreed that Jack
and Peter will share the responsibilities and both have signing
authority on the checking account. Jack and Peter also to investigate
programs and formats, starting with gnucash.

1d. Executive Director. Peter expressed a willingness to serve again,
unanimously accepted by the Board.

1e. XMPP Extensions Editor. It's not clear if the Board needs to
officially appoint the XMPP Extensions Editor at its annual meeting
(e.g., this is not defined in the Bylaws because the Editor is not an
officer). However, the Board appointed Peter again to continue in this role.

2. Account Software for Treasury Management

Jack and Peter to investigate gnucash.

3. XMPP Summit Preparations and Planning
   * Hotel accomodations
   * Initial agendas
   * Dinner

3a. Board agreement to move forward with the Best Western Premier -
Carrefour de L'Europe. Thanks to Florian for his work on this.

3b. Agenda being worked on by Ralph Meijer, Jack Moffitt, and others.

3c. Florian investigating locations for XSF dinner in Brussels.

4. Any Other Business

4b. Discussed t-shirts for sale at FOSDEM, Florian issued call for input
on the members at xmpp.org list.

5. Next Meeting

January 13 @ 18:00-18:30 UTC, xmpp:board at muc.xmpp.org?join


(all times Mountain Standard Time)

*** 2010-01-06
[10:28:54] <FlorianJORG> evening lads
[10:30:17] <petermount> evening
[10:54:12] <bear> I *knew* there was a reason this window was open!
[10:56:19] <Will> evening
[10:56:43] <FlorianJORG> evening Will
[11:02:03] <Nÿco> oh, it's time
[11:02:49] <jack> one second. finishign up something.
[11:02:59] <FlorianJORG> ok :)
[11:04:06] <jack> ok. all done
[11:04:25] <jack> and we;re all here, so quorum achieved
[11:05:08] <Nÿco> # Board Agenda for January 6th, 2010

0. Agenda Bashing
1. Election of Officers
  * Chairman of the Board
  * Secretary
  * Treasurer
  * others?
2. Account Software for Treasury Management
3. XMPP Summit Preparations and Planning
  * Hotel accomodations
  * Initial agendas
  * Dinner
4. Any Other Business
5. Next Meeting
[11:05:49] <jack> I couldn't remember if there were other officers
[11:05:52] <FlorianJORG> Peter is missing?
[11:06:26] <Nÿco> I've invited him
[11:05:49] *** The topic has been set to: XSF Board Room
[11:05:51] <FlorianJORG> there we go :)
[11:05:56] <stpeter> oops, I went to the old room :)
[11:06:10] <Will> :-)
[11:06:36] *jack bangs the gavel
[11:06:44] <stpeter> and I was wondering why nobody was there :)
[11:07:01] <jack> Peter: are there any officers besides secretary and
treasurer and chairman that we need to appoint?
[11:07:39] <stpeter> secretary, treasurer, executive director, and the
board needs to choose its chair
[11:08:07] <jack> ah, ED
[11:08:14] <stpeter> it's a bit unclear whether the board needs to
appoint the XMPP Extensions Editor, but in any case that role is not an
[11:08:36] <jack> Is there any agenda to bash?
[11:08:47] <stpeter> seems good
[11:09:15] <FlorianJORG> looks good for now :)
[11:09:23] <FlorianJORG> if we find more, it'll be AOB :)
[11:09:25] <jack> ok, on to the elections :)
[11:09:29] <stpeter> there's something I'd like to bring up in the next
meeting, but no big hurry
[11:09:53] <jack> Do we have any candidates for Chair?
[11:10:25] <stpeter> (I think the XSF needs something like
http://www.ietf.org/about/note-well.html but that's for a future
meeting, will post to the members list about it I think)
[11:10:38] <Will> can we just force someone in?
[11:10:41] <jack> If not, I'm happy to put myself forward for that
[11:11:01] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:11:24] <FlorianJORG> open vote?
[11:11:49] <jack> seems like i'm the only one then. shall we vote?
[11:11:57] <Will> ok
[11:12:02] <Will> +1 jack
[11:12:05] <FlorianJORG> +1 Jack
[11:12:13] <Nÿco> of couse, +1 Jack
[11:12:15] <jack> +1
[11:12:36] <jack> ok, one down, a few more to go
[11:12:46] <FlorianJORG> next secretary?
[11:12:47] <jack> did anyone dig up candidates for secretary?
[11:13:00] <FlorianJORG> Alex offered to go for that position
[11:13:10] <Will> yes, alex volunteered
[11:13:13] <stpeter> well Jack is Mr. XMPP you know
[11:13:25] <Will> oh yeah, i was going to mention that :-)
[11:13:34] <jack> hahaha
[11:13:39] <jack> i hadn't see that one :)
[11:14:03] <stpeter> found via http://collecta.com/#q=xmpp
[11:14:17] <jack> is alex here?
[11:14:27] <jack> (also, which alex?)
[11:14:27] <Nÿco> he's offline
[11:14:28] <stpeter> jack: not at the moment
[11:14:32] <stpeter> Alexander Gnauck
[11:14:41] <Nÿco> so, +1 Alex
[11:14:45] <jack> i'm +1 on alex
[11:14:46] <FlorianJORG> +1
[11:14:52] <Will> +1
[11:15:06] <stpeter>
http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2010-January/005575.html "I
volunteer for the Secretary duties again."
[11:15:11] <jack> Ok. Candidates for treasurer?
[11:15:30] <stpeter> that's a tough one
[11:15:33] <FlorianJORG> who was treasurer?
[11:15:42] <jack> for the last N years, it's been christina
[11:15:45] <stpeter> Christina Millard, Peter's widow
[11:15:56] <stpeter> before that it was Michael Bauer
[11:16:03] <stpeter> before that Stuart Lucko
[11:16:15] <stpeter> but none of them ever really did anything because I
handled it all ;-)
[11:16:23] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:16:26] <stpeter> not that there's much to do
[11:16:29] <FlorianJORG> can someone be two positions at once?
[11:16:40] <stpeter> but our finances could be much more organized
[11:16:42] <stpeter> yes
[11:16:47] <Will> a sort of a quantum board member?
[11:16:52] <stpeter> I was Secretary and Executive Director for a long time
[11:17:05] <stpeter> until Alex volunteered
[11:17:19] <FlorianJORG> If no-one wants to be treasurer, I could do that
[11:17:58] <jack> Will that work logistically?
[11:18:02] <stpeter> I see that we have a page about
[11:18:15] <stpeter> and http://xmpp.org/xsf/treasurer.shtml
[11:18:16] <FlorianJORG> that's the question, being outside the US and
[11:19:06] <jack> i assume there's no page for treasurer
[11:19:10] <stpeter> ideally the treasurer would have signing authority
on the checking account
[11:19:15] <stpeter> jack: http://xmpp.org/xsf/treasurer.shtml
[11:19:22] <jack> but duties are probably, 1) write checks 2) keep books
3) finance report
[11:19:40] <stpeter> right :)
[11:20:12] <jack> How eager are you to stop writing checks, Peter?
[11:20:19] <FlorianJORG> not at all :)
[11:20:24] <stpeter> I'm not eager, I just want some checks and balances :)
[11:20:36] <FlorianJORG> If Peter wants to the position, I think that
would be the best fit
[11:20:49] <jack> If you're godo tos till write the checks, then I think
we can have you do #1 and florian can take #2 + #3
[11:20:51] <stpeter> typically I've paid for things myself and then
reimbursed myself (e.g., for conferences)
[11:21:14] <stpeter> I have a bit of concern about the bus factor
[11:21:22] <jack> ok
[11:21:27] <FlorianJORG> bus factor?
[11:21:34] <jack> I could do #1 as well
[11:21:40] <stpeter> I'm OK with having signing authority and I think
that has worked fine
[11:21:45] <jack> then at least we'd have two check signers
[11:21:58] <stpeter> but if I get hit by a bus and no one else can sign
checks, things might get messy
[11:22:05] <FlorianJORG> right
[11:22:27] <stpeter> FlorianJORG: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor
[11:23:56] <jack> Ok. so sounds like there are a few choices. 1) Florian
+ stpeter 2) stepeter 3) jack + florian 4) ??
[11:24:11] <FlorianJORG> stpeter + jack?
[11:24:26] <jack> I'm fine with that. it sounds like it would be helpful
to have another signer regardless
[11:24:28] <Nÿco> we're talking about signing check, right?
[11:24:43] <Nÿco> that's not only the treasurer?
[11:24:44] <stpeter> well Florian could maintain the books and Jack and
I could have signing authority on checks
[11:25:10] <stpeter> Nÿco: currently I am the only person who has
signing authority (even Christina was not set up with the bank)
[11:26:03] <stpeter> Nÿco: and Jack has an account with the same bank
(Wells Fargo) so we could set him up fairly easily
[11:26:13] <jack> Ok, perhaps it's easiest if I just volunteer to do the
whole shebang :)
[11:26:14] <stpeter> it might be more difficult for Florian :)
[11:26:14] <Nÿco> ok
[11:26:34] <FlorianJORG> +1 for jack
[11:27:11] <stpeter> jack: keeping the books could be a more general
responsibility -- and as I've said, the books need some cleaning, I
could probably spend a full day on it once we decide on a software
package to use
[11:27:30] <jack> any other votes?
[11:27:49] <jack> peter: agreed. if we can get it into something anyone
can use, this position won't be such a bear.
[11:28:18] <stpeter> yes
[11:28:24] <stpeter> really there is not much financial activity
[11:28:55] <stpeter> I just want to make sure that we do everything in
the open
[11:29:08] <stpeter> right now I could be taking funds and no one would
know it
[11:29:23] <stpeter> not that I would do such a thing, naturally :)
[11:29:37] <Will> not that we have any funds for you to take for that
matter :-)
[11:29:43] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:29:43] <stpeter> Will: good point!
[11:30:17] <jack> if he was, he'd be doing more fundraising anyway :)
[11:30:37] <stpeter> I get paid enough in my real job :P
[11:30:38] <stpeter> ok
[11:30:41] <stpeter> so consensus?
[11:30:45] <jack> so as long as he's not full bore on raising money, we
can have some confidence he's probably not embezzling any :)
[11:30:53] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:31:04] <jack> +1 for myself
[11:31:06] <Will> oh .... good
[11:31:10] <jack> still waiting on votes from will and nyco
[11:31:12] <Will> +1
[11:31:33] <FlorianJORG> +1 for peter + jack
[11:32:15] <Nÿco> +1 jack
[11:32:41] <jack> ok. and we have the final position, Executive Director
[11:32:41] <FlorianJORG> +1 for jack :)
[11:32:43] <FlorianJORG> sorry :)
[11:32:48] <FlorianJORG> eh ...
[11:32:58] <FlorianJORG> ED, stpeter I guess will be standing?
[11:32:59] <jack> peter: are you offering your candidacy this year? :)
[11:34:03] <stpeter> I am happy to serve again
[11:34:10] <stpeter> BTW http://xmpp.org/xsf/secretary.shtml updated
[11:34:11] <FlorianJORG> anyone else?
[11:34:30] <stpeter> the Executive Director is mostly a figurehead anyway :)
[11:34:32] <jack> +1 for stpeter :)
[11:34:37] *** darco (darco at deepdarc.com/bellatrix) has joined the room
as a participant
[11:34:38] <FlorianJORG> +1 for stpeter
[11:34:45] <Will> _1 stpeter
[11:34:46] <stpeter> http://xmpp.org/xsf/director.shtml
[11:34:51] <Will> +1 i mean :-)
[11:35:19] <jack> nyco: ?
[11:35:34] <jack> it's a tough decision, i know; feel free to take your
time :)
[11:35:49] <Nÿco> +1
[11:35:56] <jack> especially in the face of these embezzlement talks
[11:35:56] <Nÿco> sorry ;-)
[11:36:19] <jack> ok, all officers elected.
[11:36:29] <jack> we're supposed to appoint the editor as well i guess
[11:37:04] <jack> stpeter: up for another year?
[11:37:44] <stpeter> sure
[11:37:55] <stpeter> it's not clear if the Board needs to appoint the editor
[11:37:57] <stpeter> but why not :)
[11:38:26] <jack> +1 on stpeter
[11:38:36] <Nÿco> +1
[11:38:54] <Will> +1
[11:39:24] <FlorianJORG> +1
[11:39:29] <stpeter> XEP-0001 says "The XMPP Extensions Editor is the
individual appointed by the XSF Board of Directors to handle protocol
submissions and provide day-to-day management of the XSF's standards
process." but there's nothing in the Bylaws about it
[11:40:08] <jack> I suppose we could clear that up if you think it needs
to be
[11:40:09] <stpeter> anyway I think it makes sense for the Board to
appoint the editor, for completeness and accountability
[11:40:19] <jack> ocnsider yourself appointed :)
[11:40:24] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:40:25] <jack> on to agenda item #2
[11:40:41] <jack> I looked at a few things. It seems gnucash got a lot
better since last time i looked
[11:41:02] <jack> and it runs everywhere now, so i suggest we try that
and fallback to openoffice calc if that doesn't pan out
[11:41:41] <stpeter> ok
[11:41:43] <darco> they have a native macosx gnucash now?
[11:41:43] <stpeter> WFM
[11:42:24] <jack> i don't know if its native. but they show it as supported
[11:42:29] *darco nods
[11:42:39] <stpeter> BTW http://xmpp.org/xsf/treasurer.shtml updated
[11:42:42] <jack> guess we'll find out.
[11:42:44] <jack> ok #3
[11:42:54] <stpeter> jack and I will explore that
[11:42:57] <stpeter> downloading for OS X now
[11:43:26] <jack> I wrote down hotel, dinner, and initial agenda, but
there might be other summit topics we need to hammer out
[11:43:35] <FlorianJORG> T-Shirts :)
[11:43:43] <FlorianJORG> but let's start with the rest
[11:43:46] <jack> another item it just thought of is stpeter's attendence
[11:44:17] <jack> are you going? if not, we should probably figure out
how to get the banners there etc
[11:44:37] <stpeter> I haven't been planning to but I can reconsider
[11:45:02] <jack> It's always fun to hang out with you :)
[11:45:10] <stpeter> the new TSA rules sound annoying :P
[11:45:15] <jack> agreed :(
[11:45:17] <FlorianJORG> true
[11:45:21] <jack> luckily most of them are gone i think
[11:45:24] <FlorianJORG> America's paranoia :)
[11:45:32] <stpeter> FlorianJORG: indeed
[11:45:34] <jack> they lasted all of two days
[11:46:07] <jack> my concern was more that i'm sure there are some
on-site details that you normally take care of, and i just want to make
sure we hand that off to someone if you aren't going to be there.
[11:46:39] <stpeter> the main detail is that I use my credit card to pay
for meeting rooms :P
[11:46:48] <FlorianJORG> :p
[11:46:53] <jack> I can handle that if you aren't there.
[11:47:13] <stpeter> I'll give it some thought and chat with my wife
about it
[11:47:20] <jack> ok cool
[11:47:24] <jack> i'll put it on the next meeting's agenda
[11:47:29] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:47:29] <jack> how's the hotel search?
[11:47:32] <FlorianJORG> ok
[11:47:37] <FlorianJORG> I've sent 3 hotels to the ML
[11:47:45] <FlorianJORG> it's hard to find hotels with big conference rooms
[11:47:55] <FlorianJORG> Radisson is expensive
[11:48:05] <FlorianJORG> it's 75€ * 40 people
[11:48:23] <stpeter> yeah
[11:48:28] <FlorianJORG> personally
[11:48:34] <FlorianJORG> my favorite is best western
[11:48:39] <FlorianJORG> they offered quite a lot
[11:48:46] <FlorianJORG> and went down with their pricing
[11:48:48] <FlorianJORG> it's a great location
[11:48:57] <FlorianJORG> and we also have a room deal
[11:48:58] <jack> that sounds good to me
[11:49:08] <jack> the hotel we choose last time wasn't special in any way
[11:49:10] <FlorianJORG> that was 35€ * 40 people
[11:49:16] <stpeter> the best western was 588 Euros for the room?
[11:49:22] <Will> 35 sounds much more reasonable
[11:49:27] <FlorianJORG> right
[11:49:32] <stpeter> indeed!
[11:49:37] <jack> easy decision i think
[11:49:41] <FlorianJORG> Radisson we're complaining about how different
and better they are
[11:49:45] <FlorianJORG> so not lowering pricing
[11:49:57] <FlorianJORG> so for Best Western
[11:50:03] <stpeter> +1
[11:50:07] <FlorianJORG> do we want the Sandwich Buffet?
[11:50:13] <FlorianJORG> it has quite a lot included
[11:50:18] <FlorianJORG> Soup and Deset
[11:50:25] <FlorianJORG> 6-7 types of sandwiches
[11:50:36] <FlorianJORG> and enough of them ... at least 3 per person
[11:50:41] <stpeter> we'd get more done that way, possibly, instead of
having a long lunch break (although that's rather civilized :)
[11:50:42] <FlorianJORG> and Pasta
[11:51:06] <FlorianJORG> personally, I think eating out might be nicer
[11:51:11] <FlorianJORG> and the XSF won't need to pay for it :)
[11:51:22] <FlorianJORG> eating out shuffles people around
[11:51:31] <FlorianJORG> and leads to some interesting lunch talks
[11:51:39] <stpeter> I've always thought that the lunch break is good,
people have interesting conversations, etc.
[11:51:40] <stpeter> yeah
[11:51:44] <jack> +1 on leaving the hotel for a lunch break. whole day
in one room makes me tired.
[11:51:57] <FlorianJORG> right.
[11:52:02] <FlorianJORG> So I'll call Best Western tomorrow
[11:52:06] <FlorianJORG> and get that booked
[11:52:08] <Will> +1 on fresh air for lunch
[11:52:10] <jack> great
[11:52:18] <FlorianJORG> what about thursday?
[11:52:18] <stpeter> yay!
[11:52:20] <FlorianJORG> eh friday
[11:52:26] <stpeter> ah
[11:52:30] <FlorianJORG> how many people on that day?
[11:52:44] <stpeter> I think we probably won't have as many people
unless we advertise is more widely
[11:52:50] <jack> my guess is half
[11:52:52] <FlorianJORG> ok
[11:52:53] <jack> if that.
[11:52:56] <Will> about half last time
[11:53:01] <FlorianJORG> so 20-25 on Friday
[11:53:03] <FlorianJORG> 40 on Monday
[11:53:04] <stpeter> yes
[11:53:19] <FlorianJORG> great
[11:53:27] <FlorianJORG> and I'll get info about the Room Deal
[11:53:32] <FlorianJORG> how we need to refer people
[11:53:34] <stpeter> that's what we did the last few years and it worked
well, I think
[11:53:41] <stpeter> FlorianJORG: super
[11:53:42] <jack> cool. now initial agenda. did we do a call for
presentations, etc?
[11:54:07] <stpeter> jack: yes, we need to coordinate with Ralph about
that and put out one last call for more talks
[11:54:35] <FlorianJORG> well, are we ok for having Friday being a more
hands-on session?
[11:54:40] <FlorianJORG> i.e. hack-a-day
[11:54:45] <stpeter> I think it would be especially good to have
something about microblogging because the FOSDEM folks said that
microblogging would get folded into our devroom
[11:54:51] <stpeter> FlorianJORG: yes
[11:55:36] <stpeter> FlorianJORG: perhaps we can have a few "tracks" on
Friday, e.g., Python and JavaScript and Lua and Erlang or whatever --
some hands-on hacking and perhaps tutorials of some kind
[11:55:45] <stpeter> not sure
[11:55:52] <stpeter> it's up to us what we want to do :)
[11:55:57] <jack> the tracks sound good to me
[11:56:17] <stpeter> jack: I'm sure you'd have some fun things to say
about JavaScript + XMPP ;-)
[11:56:23] <jack> always :)
[11:56:25] <FlorianJORG> :)
[11:56:51] <jack> how about dinner?
[11:56:55] <stpeter> and it would be cool to have some hacking sessions
on Prosody and Ejabberd and Twisted or whatever
[11:56:58] <FlorianJORG> Dinner, I'll get on it
[11:57:04] <FlorianJORG> just needed to know the hotel first
[11:57:09] <FlorianJORG> so we don't walk too far :)
[11:57:10] <stpeter> FlorianJORG: ok thanks
[11:57:11] <jack> ok great
[11:57:12] <stpeter> heh
[11:57:17] <stpeter> no bus this time?
[11:57:17] <jack> do we ned to drum up funds?
[11:57:19] <jack> if so, how much?
[11:57:25] <stpeter> that place was good, but far :)
[11:57:32] <FlorianJORG> It'll be more
[11:57:37] *stpeter still have the image of the metro station in his head
[11:57:42] <FlorianJORG> lol :D
[11:57:47] <Will> :-(
[11:57:53] <FlorianJORG> it'll be around 30-40€ / person
[11:58:02] <jack> how many people did we have last year?
[11:58:02] <FlorianJORG> but we drummed up quite some money last year
[11:58:06] <FlorianJORG> 40
[11:58:08] <FlorianJORG> 43
[11:58:11] <FlorianJORG> afair
[11:58:13] <stpeter> jack: for dinner or for the summit?
[11:58:15] <jack> so plan for 1500 euros?
[11:58:25] <jack> somewhere in that range
[11:58:27] <FlorianJORG> yeah, I'm confident I can bug enough people :)
[11:58:34] <FlorianJORG> 1,5-2k
[11:58:37] <FlorianJORG> with drinks etc.
[11:58:46] <FlorianJORG> we paid 1,4k last year
[11:58:46] <jack> ok, let's shoot for 2k, and if we have leftover we'll
apply it to next summit dinner
[11:58:48] <FlorianJORG> including drinks
[11:59:16] <FlorianJORG> we COULD go to the same place, and get a bus :)
[11:59:32] <jack> depends on the price of hte bus :)
[11:59:40] <jack> but seems a reasonable alternative
[11:59:42] <stpeter> last year we did dinner on Sunday, right?
[11:59:43] <FlorianJORG> it's the difference of: 25€ / person to 35€
[11:59:49] <FlorianJORG> yeah, was a Sunday
[11:59:53] <FlorianJORG> I guess same this year?
[11:59:56] <jack> i think sunday is perfect
[12:00:08] <stpeter> WFM
[12:00:22] <FlorianJORG> I'll check the prices of distant restaurant + bus
[12:00:25] <FlorianJORG> or local restaurant
[12:00:27] <FlorianJORG> we'll see
[12:00:29] <jack> sounds like it's all coming together once again :)
[12:00:30] <stpeter> ok
[12:00:37] <stpeter> jack: thanks to Florian
[12:00:38] <FlorianJORG> would be fun to have a bus with XMPP on :D
[12:00:43] <stpeter> he deserves a medal of some kind
[12:00:46] <stpeter> heh
[12:00:46] <jack> :)
[12:00:49] <jack> Any other business?
[12:00:55] <jack> (we're right at an hour)
[12:00:58] <stpeter> none here
[12:01:06] <Will> or here
[12:01:06] <stpeter> I can write the minutes
[12:01:22] <jack> stpeter: thanks
[12:01:25] <FlorianJORG> ooh, they do sponsoring :)
[12:01:28] <FlorianJORG> (Bus company)
[12:01:29] <jack> we forgot to do this last time
[12:01:38] <jack> but +1 on publishing log+minutes to members
[12:01:40] <stpeter> jack: this = ?
[12:01:43] <stpeter> ah
[12:01:50] <FlorianJORG> AOB
[12:01:52] <FlorianJORG> T-Shirts
[12:01:55] <jack> i assuemd that's what we would have decided so did it
last time :)
[12:01:58] <stpeter> I prefer open, so yes to publishing
[12:02:09] <stpeter> yeah, t-shirts
[12:02:12] <jack> or perhaps better just to ask for objections
[12:02:12] <stpeter> new design?
[12:02:26] <jack> i will assume none unless people say otherwise
[12:02:33] <jack> shirts were a hit last time.
[12:02:37] <FlorianJORG> indeed
[12:02:45] <jack> +1 on doing that again, but no nothing about those
[12:02:48] <FlorianJORG> Don't mess with me, IM connected
[12:02:54] <Will> t-shirts: if new design someone else will have to come
up with it - i have no time for anything at the moment
[12:02:55] <stpeter> haha
[12:02:57] <FlorianJORG> props to Dave for that one
[12:03:00] <jack> let's put it to the members list to come up with slogans?
[12:03:01] <stpeter> Will: ok
[12:03:05] <Will> onte that we'll need to order in the next 2 weeks or so
[12:03:07] <Will> note
[12:03:09] <jack> i can probably whip up a designer to do a free design
with that
[12:03:20] <FlorianJORG> would be cool :)
[12:03:30] <FlorianJORG> yeah, Will: we can send them to Brussels
directly again
[12:03:33] <stpeter> no whipping, please, we're nice people!
[12:03:33] <jack> ok, so someone volunteer to manage the members list
for that? set a 10 day deadline?
[12:03:37] <FlorianJORG> i've got a car there this year
[12:03:38] <jack> and i will round up a designer?
[12:03:56] <stpeter> jack: I can do that, sure
[12:03:58] <FlorianJORG> I can manage the call for ideas
[12:04:02] <stpeter> ok
[12:04:02] <jack> ok cool
[12:04:04] <stpeter> so Florian :)
[12:04:07] <FlorianJORG> ok :)
[12:04:16] *** bear (bear at code-bear.com/mbp) has left the room (Replaced
by new connection)
[12:04:23] *stpeter is starting to feel like a slacker
[12:04:25] <jack> next meeting in two weeks? jan 20th?
[12:04:31] <FlorianJORG> maybe 1 week?
[12:04:40] <stpeter> I think next week to make sure we're on track
[12:04:41] <FlorianJORG> seeing as there's a lot going on, and we've got
FOSDEM in a few weeks
[12:04:44] <stpeter> but try to keep it short
[12:04:47] <jack> i'm fine for 1 week if we aim to keep it around 30-45 mins
[12:04:54] <FlorianJORG> sounds good
[12:04:54] <stpeter> +1 to 30
[12:04:56] <Will> i'm also ok for next week
[12:05:00] <jack> nyco?
[12:05:02] <Nÿco> ok
[12:05:05] <stpeter> I'll add it to the calendar
[12:05:09] <FlorianJORG> stpeter: thx
[12:05:14] <jack> ok. Jan 13th, same time. 30 mins :)
[12:05:19] <stpeter> yep
[12:05:20] <jack> I motion to adjourn :)
[12:05:24] <FlorianJORG> seconded
[12:05:28] <Will> thirded
[12:05:31] <jack> see you guys on the lists :)
[12:05:42] <stpeter> thanks all!
[12:05:46] <FlorianJORG> cya guys!
[12:05:51] *** jack (jack at metajack.im/cactus) has left the room
[12:05:52] <Nÿco> thx all
[12:06:01] <stpeter> I'll send minutes later today or tonight
[12:06:27] <Will> cool - bye
[12:06:30] <FlorianJORG> thx - bye

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