[Members] GSoC

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Thu Mar 25 03:06:25 CDT 2010

2010/3/24 Safa <safasofuoglu at gmail.com>:
> For those that may not have heard yet, we have been accepted into Google
> Summer of Code. Thanks to stpeter an bear for their overall efforts. Google
> begins accepting student applications on March 29, and I see that we still
> need to complete our organization profile. I also think that we should begin
> posting our ideas to the wiki page (
> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2010 ).

I volunteer again for selecting the students and checking all the applications.
I also try to put some ideas on the Wiki.

I'm a .NET programmer, is the last years we had no .NET projects and I
guess this will not change. So I am probably not a good mentor for the
most projects. If we have a project where mentoring is more related to
XMPP protocol and protocol design then I am happy to volunteer.
Aside from mentoring a specific student I am normally available all
day in jdev at European business time, so I am happy to answer XMPP
related questions to all students.


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