[Members] Minutes of annual XSF meeting 2010-10-25

Ilya Braude ilya at drakontas.com
Mon Nov 1 15:10:54 CST 2010

>> I like it overall, the only comment I would make is that since this is
>> a more formal meeting minutes announcement, you may want to remove
>> some of the more light-hearted prose - but I will wait for anyone else
>> to chime in as I may be in the minority.
> I thought about this and hesitated, but finally chose for the
> "light-hearted" way. Indeed, do we absolutely have to be all formal all
> the time? Do we really think that "looking" serious and annoying make
> the XSF's job "look" more serious as well? Or can't we show we are also
> the human being that we are? I don't think that jokes harm in any way
> the quality of our job.

First, kudos to Jehan for taking the initiative to draft the text!

I agree with bear.  The XSF needs to present a professional public face, 
especially about something as serious as board and council elections.  
This is particularly important as the XSF tries to attract new members 
and quality candidates for the board and council in future elections.


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