[Members] Membership application period Q4/2010

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Mon Nov 8 12:50:10 CST 2010

The XSF is currently holding its quarterly membership application period

According to my records the following members have to reapply:

* Mateusz Bilinski
* Waqas Hussain
* Alexey Melnikov
* Gregoire Menuel
* Lucas Nussbaum
* Johannes Wagener
* Kurt Zeilenga
* Michael Grigutsch
* Tuomas Koski
* Steffen Larsen
* Guillaume LeGales
* Joe Maissel
* Alex Malgaroli
* Peter Mount
* Steven Parkes
* Luca Tagliaferri
* Mike Taylor

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Reappliers should already have a wiki account, so please visit the wiki 
and create your page until 24th November 2010 23:59h UTC if you want to

Could somebody blog on xmpp.org about the application period?

Alexander Gnauck
xmpp:gnauck at jabber.org

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