[Members] XSF Board Meeting 2010-11-10 minutes

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Wed Nov 10 12:00:50 CST 2010

Minutes, XSF Board meeting

xsf at muc.xmpp.org

- Jack
- Will
- Florian
- Mike
- Nyco

- New board
- Regular meeting
- New Website
- Sponsors
- Roadmap update
- GSoC
- Elections
- Mini Summits


- New board
  Welcome, Mike!

- Need new officers: Executive Director, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman.
  Nominated StPeter for ED, seconded
  Jack volunteered to remain Treasurer, seconded with no dissent
  Emailing Alexander to see if he wishes to continue as Secretary
    - Jack reported that Alexander is up for the job, seconded
  Mike nominated for Chair

- Regular meeting
  Regular meeting slot agreed to by everyone
  The current time of 1700 GMT was good with everyone
  Every two weeks

- New Website
  Re-starting the 'round up' blog posts? Will to take over on the wiki
  Current glitches to wordpress permissions and table editing are
being made and once those are "settled" the workflow for contributions
can be discussed

- Sponsors
  Collecta have agreed to become a sponsor (Jack to invoice)
  A past sponsor list needs to be found and members contacted (bear to
ask stpeter)
  Email to Members list to find out sponsorship interest (Will)

Next meeting agenda items:
- Roadmap update
- GSoC
- Elections
- Mini Summits

Next meeting:
2010-11-24 17:00 aka 5:00pm GMT/UTC


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