[Members] XSF roadmap

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Sat Nov 20 04:47:22 CST 2010

Justin Karneges wrote:
> There are many issues here:
>    - audio/video is hard
>    - going around NATs is hard
>    - wrong protocol (incomplete implementations, mismatched codecs, GTalk)
I totally agree with Justin.
I still think that some libraries for NAT and RTC under a liberal 
license with bindings to the major programming languages would help.
The same applies to codecs. Most commercial software is using GIPS which 
has excellent codecs but is often incompatible to the free codecs used 
in Open Source software.
Did anything change on GIPS licensing since they were acquired by Google?

Most people use Skype because it A) just works and B) has excellent 
voice quality. We can fix A with interop testing, but I don't know how 
we can fix B. Is somebody on the list which has experience with free codecs?

Alexander Gnauck
xmpp:gnauck at jabber.org

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