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Tue Oct 5 12:04:44 CST 2010


On Tue, 5 Oct 2010 19:22:17 +0100, Will Sheward
<will at willsheward.co.uk> wrote:
> On 29 Sep 2010, at 14:07, <jehan at zemarmot.net> <jehan at zemarmot.net> wrote:
>> 1/ 'Resources > Certificates' page is really advertising a lot
>> StartCom.
> OK, I'll bring this up with the Board/Council to decide on wording.


>> 2/ The table in 'XMPP Software > Libraries' would gain into having a
>> license column
>> 3/ The 'XMPP Software > Clients' list would be better as a table, as
>> are the Servers and Libraries list, and also with all the same
>> informations (license, platforms in particular, GUI/Non-GUI, etc.).
> The issues with tables (all of them) are still under discussion. I
> certainly cannot see any reason why this information shouldn't be
> included. There are some issues with the plugin that's being used to
> generate the tables, when these are sorted out (permissions and
> possible security implications) the clients list will be moved into
> the same type of  searchable table format that the others have.

I see. By the way, I think I forgot to tell: in the server list, the
links in the "more information" column are not always consistent with
one another. Sometimes is written "http://", sometimes not (I think
personnaly it is better to write the "http://" part fully), sometimes
the uri ends with a slash '/', sometimes not, and even some strange uri
display (for instance: www/jabberd2.xiaoka.com while the link actually
redirects to jabberd2.xiaoka.com).
That's just design details, but it would make the list prettier. ;-)

>> 4/ Linked to xmpp.org is the brother website for the service
>> jabber.org. And the links from jabber.org to xmpp.org have apparently
>> not been updated.
> I'm not sure who maintains jabber.org (anyone?). I'll find out and
> make sure these are corrected. We also need to make sure redirects for
> the old pages are put in place. I guess it is my responsibility to
> compile and the responsibility of someone on the item to implement.

>> 5/ If I understand well, the procedure for sponsors is changing...
> Currently we have no *new* sponsors, who fit into the
> Gold/Platinum/Titanium bands (actually we do have some but no 'live'
> sponsors). At the last Board meeting we agreed that the existing
> sponsors would be removed from the site at the end of this year, to be
> replaced with the new ones we're in the process of signing up. Those
> new sponsorship will run for 12 months, in line with the calendar
> year.

I see.
Also this brings in particular (though not directly) the transparency
of the XSF. Anyway as far as I know, we have nothing to hide and there
is not that much money which pass through our hand (and even there was,
we still would have nothing to hide). And I really think that full
transparency (I know this is also additional work, this is easier to say
than to do) in the XSF's funds, expenses, and so on, as well as our
actions, etc. (everything actually) is really important to make this all
count even more.

>> 6/ On the side of the home page, there is an icon which let suppose
>> that you can donate to the foundation in a variety of way (all the
>> famous credit cards, etc.), and the link in "#paypal" lets suppose there
>> is a paypal account for this....
> I'll take an action to sort this out. While I don't think there's a
> long queue of people waiting to give us money, it doesn't make sense
> to make this process a difficult one.

Definitely. :-) But my opinion would differ about the waiting queue to
give. We are maybe not Wikipedia, still many people follows (as far as
we let the information clear and through for the common visitors) what
happens around XMPP and I am sure people would give if we advertised it
the right way.
Of course the only way to know it for sure will be to do so and see.

And I even propose this: what do you think about launching a donation
campaign (the first that the XSF would ever have had, as far as I know)
once the last details of the new website will be fully fixed? And maybe
also after the elections of the new board/council.

We could prepare a "press release" to advertise the new website, like a
renewal (though it is not really, just an evolution of our
organizations. But still I really feel that lately we got some seeds of
a better logistics in the XSF, even though it is still far from
perfect). Then we could try to spread this press release all over the
technology (and related topics) websites (in its different translations
to touch all the world as we have people from so many countries in the
XSF to help translate. I could help with French, and on a smaller scale
for the Japanese translations because I don't know if we have many
Japanese speaking people. I could also easily find help for a Korean

I think this would be worth to be done. We have nothing to lose and it
would be nicer to organize future XSF events (even though I might not be
able to come, I will be happy if it does!) if it has a nice success.
Has anyone an opinion on this?

>> Actually the whole donation stuff is very messy. It is mixed with the
>> sponsorship procedure, which is obviously rather oriented to companies.
>> But there exists many people who would love to simply donate, as
>> individuals, a more or less small amount of money to the XSF, simply
>> because they want to help with the foundation's activities. There should
>> really be a dedicated page to this kind of stuffs, and also with a list
>> of the donators (though they can ask to be anonymous). This is a very
>> different side of the sponsorship process which should be kept separate
>> from the corporate sponsorship.
> We could have an 'individual donors' page where we thank those
> individuals who have made donations of money or materials to the XSF.
> This would have to contains quite a few names before it looked
> sensible. I think we'll keep to the one page for the moment with the
> aim of moving in this direction should circumstances allow it.

>> 8/ Don't you plan on announcing the new website on the news feed (which
>> appears to be our former "blog" as far as I can see) on the website?
> You're right we should. And we will as soon as the points you've
> raised above are sorted out :-)

Cool. :-)


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