[Members] voting update 3

Abhinav Singh mailsforabhinav at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 03:07:14 CST 2010

We when i finished i got this message from the bot:

Please type yes or no depending on how you want to vote for this person.
Note: You have already voted for 5 Council candidates. Further yes votes
will not be counted!!! If this is a problem, please contact
gnauck at jabber.org
This is quite frustrating, will better send my votes via email to you.

Abhinav Singh,
Founder, Jaxl Inc.
Bangalore, India

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Alexander Gnauck <gnauck at ag-software.de>wrote:

> > Re-voted, kindly let me know if it goes uncounted.
> I only have 2 new votes, Matt and Jehan. Did you complete the voting
> process?
> When it does not work you can also send your votes by email to me.
> Alex
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