[Members] 2011-08-17 Board meeting minutes

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Wed Aug 17 18:08:03 UTC 2011

Minutes, XSF Board meeting
xsf at muc.xmpp.org

- Mike Taylor (Board chair)
- Peter Saint-Andre (executive director)
- Will Sheward (Board member)
- Florian Jensen (Board member)

- Jack Moffitt (Board member)
- Nicolas Verite (Board member) (partial attendance)

 CommTeam members?
 - Team Lead has been missing in action
 - No objections to adding Ludovic and giving him permissions to write
blog posts etc.
 - Best practice is to write a post and ask for reviews on the CommTeam list
 - Nÿco joined the meeting and i've asked Ludovic to talk to him
directly about joining the CommTeam
 Discuss Jingle Interop event
 - there is a request to hold an interop
 - when would the next good time be?
 - virtual interop in October or November, physical interop at next Summit
 - have neustradamus email the members list to start working on an
online interop agenda
 - Florian to help coordinate
 XMPP Authentication plugin for WordPress on the website
 - does the site even need this to be added, consensus is no on adding it
 - Peter will be testing it on his blog
Jappix on xmpp.org or jabber.org
- Jappix is a social network with an XMPP component
- Ludovic to start a discussion on the mailing list (it is possible to
have the name of the ML?)
GSoC update
- Mike completely blew the task of sending books to the students
- Kev and Remko want to go to the Mentor summit and are asking if the
XSF to help with travel costs up front. Consensus is yes, Peter to
coordinate with Kev


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