[Members] XSF Board Meeting 2011-08-24 minutes

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Wed Aug 24 17:42:37 UTC 2011

Minutes, XSF Board meeting
xsf at muc.xmpp.org

- Mike Taylor (Board chair)
- Peter Saint-Andre (executive director)
- Florian Jensen (Board member)
- Will Sheward (Board member)

- Jack Moffitt (Board member)
- Nicolas Verite (Board member)

- question: are Comm/iTeam members required to be XSF members?
 consensus reached that it could be "preferred but not required"
except that the bylaws clearly state
  "Participation in Teams shall be limited to elected Members of the
 a change to the bylaws to remove "Participation in Teams shall be
limited to elected Members of the Corporation." and then the existing
text covers it: "The Charter shall also define the process by which
Team members shall be chosen or approved." will be added to the next
membership vote
- Kev reports:  it looks like it's not possible for Remko and me to
get to the GSoC summit within budget, unfortunately.
 We will find out how much over the GSoC budget they are and then ask
the Board to see if the XSF can cover that difference


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