[Members] Membership applications

Steven Parkes smparkes at smparkes.net
Wed Dec 7 18:42:29 UTC 2011

I'm one of the people that hasn't reapplied (yet).

I kinda feel guilty for not having contributed very much over the last year. XMPP is my go-to solution for certain kinds of IPC and I did a bunch of stuff with it a couple of years ago. And while I expect that stuff to come to the fore again in the future, it's not right now.

So I'm wondering, should I continue at a minimal level for now (and hopefully more in the future) or should I bow out for now and (presumably) return later?

This isn't an angsty question for me; I like keeping up to the extent I can. But I feel guilty for not stepping up more and I don't know if the consensus is that people should be more active or come back later.

So if any body has feedback ...

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