[Members] Board Minutes of 2011-12-07

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Dec 9 17:36:19 UTC 2011

Most of the Board was late, so we restricted to covering only one  
item with any detail, which was the question of setting dates and  
suchlike for FOSDEM and Summit 11.

The decisions reached were:

1) Friday 3rd February is "Interop". Peter's going to find us rooms  
at Cisco.

2) Monday 6th February is "Talks". Again, Peter's going to find a big  
room at Cisco.

3) We're going for the big stand idea at FOSDEM - the "Real Time  
Lounge". Hampered only by my being unable to spell Lounge without  
getting the 'u' in the wrong place every time I type it, the RTL  
(Yay! TLA!) will be a hip hang-out for the cool cats of XMPP  
(assuming we can find any), and we'll populate it with short demos  
designed to impress, intruigue, and interest passing developers.

Ralph is making the stand proposal to FOSDEM now (right, Ralph?), we  
have some text for the proposal we knocked out in the Wiki during the  
meeting which reads:

"The XSF wishes to have a stand in a convenient place, without a  
table, where we intend running a series of short demos of  
eye-catching and exciting uses of Jabber and XMPP involving FOSS  
throughout the two days. We intend styling this the "XSF Real Time  
Lounge". Demos are likely to range from showing projects like  
Buddycloud, open federated and free-software VOIP using Jitsi and  
Empathy, and several more projects generally too small to obtain a  
full stand."

Chris Christou and I are talking about a possible military/secure  
demo with blinkenlight equipment, buddycloud are keen to show the  
future of XMPP social networking, and we were keen on the idea of a  
few of the Jingle-speakers ganging togather to demo federated open  

The key here is to show the breadth of XMPP, and the emphasis here is  
on wow-factor and crowd-pleasing, in order to ensnare people into our  
little world.

Think XMPP street magic. (Extra credit to anyone who can do a  
convincing Balducci Levitation).

If you can run an amusing demo, feel free - we have a wiki page you  
can add yourself to at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2012_Demos

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