[Members] XMPP validation service

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Fri Feb 11 16:14:30 CST 2011

Folks, one of the topics we discussed at the XMPP Summit was the need
for an XMPP validation service, similar to what the W3C provides at

We've had discussions about this topic once in a while, but I think it
is becoming increasingly important. I also think we might finally have
critical mass in the community to:

1. Do the work (that's XSF members, and other developers in the community).

2. Fund the work (that's continuing sponsors, and companies who
contribute into a pool of money that goes to fund development of
validator support for particular XMPP extensions).

Perhaps we can schedule a meeting in a few weeks to discuss this further
and formulate a plan to make this happen?


Peter Saint-Andre

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