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Arc Riley arcriley at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 07:52:21 CST 2011

This has been a need for some time now, its great to see some positive
movement toward this.

I think we should focus first on volunteer efforts.  I'd be happy to lay
some ground work as far as tests for the core RFCs go, I've already written
a few for my own use to test <stream> version handling, jid parsing (and
rejection), verify stanza error detection and proper responses, etc for my
own projects.  Its Python code (I don't know how people feel about that) and
easily extendable.

GSoC is coming up.  Advertise now.  We're (Python Software Foundation, for
which I'm the GSoC org admin) already working with students and getting the
advertising going to get more psyched up.  Number of students depends
greatly on how many applications you receive.  Breaking out validator tasks
for multiple projects (each able to fill a Student's Summer) could get a lot
of this done in a few months.

I'd be afraid of paid work until a large amount is done already and a team
of volunteers established.

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 2:29 AM, Steffen Larsen <zooldk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Yeah that was exactly was I was talking about on the summit. A validator on
> the web could be very nice for checking XMPP services (working like a proxy,
> gathering/summarize info, errors etc.) for e.g. clients.
> But as I was stating we also need a job (e.g. every time we commit an
> example, xsd or a XEP) that checked if the given example is valid according
> to the given XSD or that the XSD is just valid. I did this for a year ago
> with our repository, but that was almost by hand using xmllint. I would help
> off basic faults in the schema and the semantics in the examples.
> Oohh by the way, I would gladly help out, even though I am currently
> situated in the review group. :-)
> -Ciao!
> /Steffen
> On Feb 11, 2011, at 11:14 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > Folks, one of the topics we discussed at the XMPP Summit was the need
> > for an XMPP validation service, similar to what the W3C provides at
> > http://validator.w3.org/
> >
> > We've had discussions about this topic once in a while, but I think it
> > is becoming increasingly important. I also think we might finally have
> > critical mass in the community to:
> >
> > 1. Do the work (that's XSF members, and other developers in the
> community).
> >
> > 2. Fund the work (that's continuing sponsors, and companies who
> > contribute into a pool of money that goes to fund development of
> > validator support for particular XMPP extensions).
> >
> > Perhaps we can schedule a meeting in a few weeks to discuss this further
> > and formulate a plan to make this happen?
> >
> > Peter
> >
> > --
> > Peter Saint-Andre
> > https://stpeter.im/
> >
> >
> >
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