[Members] [Summit] FOSDEM Friday

Kurt Zeilenga Kurt.Zeilenga at Isode.COM
Fri Jan 7 12:05:17 CST 2011

On Dec 20, 2010, at 5:49 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:

> Hi all,
>  As Board kindly volunteered me to arrange the agenda for the Friday
> before FOSDEM, what would people like to do? (Replies to the summit
> list please).
> Suggestions have been a coding sprint, some interop testing, or an
> extension of the discussions of Monday.

I'm available for anyone who wants to do XEP 258 testing.  Also for spec/implementation discussion/work on DSIGs, object level encryption, key management, or anything in the general XMPP authentication, authorization, object/stream security areas.

-- Kurt

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