[Members] 2011-01-19 Board meeting minutes

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Wed Jan 19 11:48:55 CST 2011

2010-01-19 Board meeting
Room: xsf at muc.xmpp.org
Chatlogs: http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/110119/

* Florian
* Nÿco
* Peter
* Will
* Mike
* Jack

  * DevChallenge
  * Goodies
    * T-Shirts?
    * Stickers?
  * Recording of event?
  * Hotel and Dinner updates

Meeting started, all are present - agenda bashing? nope

FOSDEM update by Florian
- DevChallenge - confirmed prize of an N8 by Nokia and demo devices
being wrangled
  * Nokia wants to have focus be on Qt apps
  * Florian to work on rules text and email summit
  * post to blog on Jan 28 about challenge and rules
  * remote coders welcome if someone can present it locally (can be stand-in)
  * code needs to be posted to a public repository
  * selling of shirts at other companies booths is problematic, so
discussion is to only sell last year's shirt and look into stickers
 - Recording - Will to look into camera and microphone cost.
consensus is that audio at a minimum would be beneficial
 - Hotel Package - Florian reports we have 4 rooms left
 - Dinner - location and time done, need to discuss transportation
   * stpeter to call transportation company for details
 - Dinner Sponsors - stpeter will invoice the companies
 - IRL board meeting in Brussels - possible just iffy on when

Next meeting:
2010-02-02, same place, same time


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