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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jul 13 22:05:43 UTC 2011

On Wed Jul 13 12:33:31 2011, Kevin Smith wrote:
> At the moment (according to the Bylaws, but not necessarily with how
> we really run Council),

This is a parenthesis begging expansion. :-)

Also - and here I'll go all anal and procedural - that conversation  
you're having on the Council list is all very good, and I'm largely  
in support of it, but I think it needs to happen here, so the members  
can chip in.

> >> If you're proposing that any member can edit any Experimental  
> XEP, I
> >> think I'm not in favour of this - at least for those XEPs with an
> >> active author.
> > I'm not. Any XEP changes would need signoff from all active  
> authors (who
> > become editors, by inference). We'd need some mechanism to change  
> the active
> > authors, perhaps that's sign-off from Council.
> > But members would be the only ones able to do the push of those
> > signed-off-by commits.
> This doesn't sound stupid to me.

It sounds mildly scary to me, but a reasonable way of both granting  
more responsibility to members, and making XEP work more streamlined.

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