[Members] XSF @ 10

Dirk Meyer dmeyer at tzi.de
Thu Jul 14 15:31:47 UTC 2011


On 12.07.2011 23:03, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Members would need to think and act as contributors -- not as people who
> just like XMPP and vote four times a year.

Your post comes at the right time as I was thinking whether or not I
should re-apply for XFS membership. Last year I wrote, that I was hoping
to get some XMPP time. I failed. Except reading the list and voting
(except last time, sorry about that) I did nothing. So right now I'm
just someone who likes XMPP. When (Jingle) E2E Security comes back up I
will be in the discussion, but I do not know when this will be.

There was a discussion about why to be an XSF member two (?) years ago
and I'm wondering: should be re-apply as XSF member? I did nothing over
the last year but I may be the next year. I'm still very interested in
XMPP but my current job has nothing to do with it and I lack enough free
time to work on Freevo and XMPP.

What d you think?



"I wonder what those flashing red lights mean?"

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