[Members] 2007-07-20 XSF Board minutes

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Wed Jul 20 18:38:33 UTC 2011

Minutes, XSF Board meeting
xsf at muc.xmpp.org

- Mike Taylor (Board chair)
- Peter Saint-Andre (executive director)
- Will Sheward (Board member)
- Kevin Smith (Council chair)

- Florian Jensen (Board member)
- Jack Moffitt (Board member)
- Nicolas Verite (Board member)

- GSoC books

Quorum was not met so we used this time to brainstorm ideas about
future meetings.

- We talked about adopting the Council's method of emailing the agenda
the night before a meeting along with an update to a wiki page.
- discussed moving to a weekly meeting

Mike to email the board with these items to consider for next meeting
 - mailing of agenda the night before
 - moving to a weekly meeting
 - changing the time (the current time has become impossible for Mike
due to dayjob meetings)

Next meeting will be August 3rd, 2011


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