[Members] IPv6

jehan at zemarmot.net jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Jun 22 16:59:54 UTC 2011


On Wed, 08 Jun 2011 09:38:46 -0600, Peter Saint-Andre
<stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> On 6/8/11 5:31 AM, Ludovic BOCQUET wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> jabber.org / xmpp.org websites and XMPP services operate on IPv6?
> First, a reminder that jabber.org is not an XSF service.
> But no, the admin team did not get organized about this, nor push our
> hosting service into getting organized either.
> So we'll start preparations for next year. :P

After discussing a little with Ludovic on this topic, I think that the
main point he tried to make was not just participate to a silly
this-and-that day, but maybe XSF could begin to think about updating its
servers for real daily use with IPv6 alongside IPv4.
I think we are all aware of the importance of IPv6, and a Standards
organization would be wise to set a good example. :-)

No need to get into crazy deadlines, but if for instance you say our
hosting server does not provide IPv6 yet, we may want to begin to ask
for it.


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