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jehan at zemarmot.net jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Jun 29 04:49:15 UTC 2011


this blog post is pretty strange (not yours, the source). It says that
Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger use XMPP as their communication
protocol… So are we closer to real federation than we thought and all
major closed networks are already using the standards in secret, or is
this poster totally out? Or is it me and did I miss some major
information at some point???

Also he adds "and *most* Jabber IM networks" (which shows he did not
get this words are basically "historical synonyms").

And finally if we look at the original release note (by following the
links on the blog) where he got his information probably, I am not sure
that we can cry victory right now. It looks more like they made the
Skype client multi-protocol (and *only* for Facebook servers) and that
you can enter your Facebook login to connect, not that there is any
interaction between your Skype login and the Facebook login. Has anyone
a Windows to test this?

I am not sure at this point there is any interoperability wish other
than surfing on the Facebook trend.


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