[Members] Google Summer of Code 2011 - Project Ideas deadline

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Wed Mar 9 10:07:31 CST 2011


On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 09:48:29 -0500, bear <bear42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Our GSoC Organization Application deadline is this coming Friday,
> March 11th and one of the things that will hugely influence our
> chances of being selected is to have a very "healthy" project ideas
> page!
> This means Kev and myself (and the XSF!) need your help - please
> review the current page
> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2011_Project_Ideas

I tried to edit the wiki page but got an error. I got the French

"Nous ne pouvons enregistrer votre modification à cause d’une perte
d’informations concernant votre session. Veuillez réessayer. Si cela
échoue à nouveau, essayez de vous déconnecter, puis connectez-vous à

which basically says that my modification cannot be registered because
of an information loss about my session (what it actually means, I don't
know). Then it says that whether the issue was to persist, I should

So as it was persisting, I reconnected. Then I got again the same
error. So I cannot edit.
Could anyone look into this?

> and add any idea you think a student would be interested in doing.

I have "generic" ideas about stuffs that would really worth being
added, but not project specific (I mean that it would surely be
project-specific, but I have no specific preference about this).

For instance I think that VVoIP (Voice-Video over IP, I don't know if
such term exist :p) could be improved in probably most clients. What I
mean is not something which works in particular situations (like "ideal"
ones) or like the developer says he manages to make it work. But that it
should work in all (or nearly all) situations! And this without for the
user to have to tweak too much.

Currently vvoip is implemented in many client but in all those I tried,
it is so complicated to have something working (I barely never do and I
often tried!), even sometimes when using the same client on both side! I
think to have understood we have the technology for handling many
difficult network context in our Jingle-related XEPs (though I didn't
read them). I guess the main issue is that Jingle must be implemented
everywhere with the basics, but the exception (which unfortunately are
the norm on Internet) for complex context are not handled.

I think a good project could be:
- to pick one Free Software implementation which is incomplete (= work
in perfect situations but in most real-life cases fail) and make it more
any-situation proof.

Is such a project (when I don't cite a specific project) acceptable to
be proposed?

> Extra karma points if you are also willing to help Mentor the project
> ;)

I could mentor such a project as I proposed, or another that I may find
interesting. Actually that would really interest me and for once this
year, I am more static so it is the first time I can propose my
candidature as mentor.

Then the same question arises: do we have to be related closely to a
given project to be mentor for a student working on this project?

> much thanks and with everyone's help we will ensure that GSoC 2011 is
> as successful as the previous ones have been!



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