[Members] Section 2.6 proposed change

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 17 10:42:14 CST 2011

On 3/17/11 8:33 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Thu Mar 17 14:16:21 2011, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> On 3/17/11 5:12 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
>> > I'd like to propose a change to section 2.6, to make it more draconian.
>> > The problem is that because we typically have four meetings a year,
>> > missing only three of them essentially makes it very hard to drop off
>> > the membership, since you'll only have three meetings to miss prior to
>> > reapplication anyway.
>> >
>> > Therefore, my proposal is to change "three (3)" to "two (2)" in section
>> > 2.6.
>> In security parlance, what's the attack here? I don't see a strong need
>> to tighten the requirements here, but I'm open to argument. :)
> On closer inspection, we have 5 meetings per year, so you miss one:
> January: Join XSF.
> April: Ignore meeting.
> July: Ignore meeting.
> September: Ignore Council/Board meeting. --> Termination.
> October: [Missed; not a member]
> January: Rejoin XSF.
> However, it you vote once per year - in any meeting other than your own
> repplication - then §2.6 cannot apply, with the exception that (in the
> case above) voting in April only would mean you were ejected just in
> time to make your January reapplication an application instead.
> Just seems we could be tighter here without losing anything - §2.6 as
> written is largely toothless.
> After the last meeting, where we only just scraped toegether a quorum, I
> think it'd be useful to tighten up the membership requirement.

Yes, struggling to find a quorum is not good.

Anyway, I'll second the proposal so that we can get it on the ballot!


Peter Saint-Andre

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