[Members] Section 8.1 propsed change

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Mar 17 15:07:18 CST 2011

On 3/17/11 5:29 AM, Dave Cridland wrote:
> There's a couple of items I'd like to change within §8.1, and I suggest
> that these are placed as separate voting items on the agenda for the
> next meeting. Firstly, I'd like to propose that Council members are
> drawn from non-members as well as members. I have no strong view on
> whether voting them onto the Council should, if they are not already
> members, automatically make them members for the duration of their
> council membership, but after some thought I'm leaning toward the notion
> that technical leadership is not the same as the management of the XSF,
> so therefore my only change in this area is:
> Strike the final sentence of the second paragraph of §8.1: "All the
> individuals elected to participate on the XMPP Council must be Members
> of the Corporation".

The members of the XSF are technical experts. It seems that we haven't
had problems recruiting from among the membership for people who could
serve in technical leadership roles. Seems to me that the solution is to
recruit more members, if needed.

> (As an aside, here, I suspect that Board members ought to be
> automatically granted membership for very similar reasons)

That would require more significant changes to the bylaws, or perhaps
two classes of members. Ick.

> Secondly, I was always rather unnerved by the fact that the Council
> could select a replacement for someone resigning from, or being forced
> off, the Council. 

Has that caused problems in reality? We wouldn't have this problem if
only we could elect people who would serve the full term. :P

> Therefore:
> To the third paragraph of Section 8.1, add an additional sentence as the
> new final sentence:
> "The filling of any vacancy shall happen at a special meeting (persuant
> to §3.3), and in accordance with the procedure defined in §3.13"
> In other words, instead of the Council selecting someone to fill a gap,
> they can either choose not to fill a gap, or else can ask the members to
> do so.

That seems to add extra complexity because we need special meetings of
the membership.


Peter Saint-Andre

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