[Members] GTalk/AIM compatibility?

jehan at zemarmot.net jehan at zemarmot.net
Fri May 20 01:29:28 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Have you seen this feature in Gmail where they announced possibility 
to add AIM contact without having a AIM address?

I had hope that as real federation and not just a special agreement 
between Google and AOL. So I made some SRV records check, they don't 
have a xmpp-client BUT they indeed have a xmpp-server one!

jehan at marmot-balladeuse:~$ ring _xmpp-server._tcp.aol.com
aol.com. has a xmpp-server service record on tcp:
	priority  = 0
	weight = 1
	port = 5269
	target = xmpp.gxmpp.oscar.aol.com.

So that looks like real federation!
I unfortunately know none with a AIM address! Would anyone mind 
testing if you have actual AIM contact?
Because that's really BIG news if any XMPP user (not only Gtalk ones) 
can contact any AIM user from now on and that really deserves a blog 


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