[Members] too many lists!

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Thu Nov 24 10:21:12 UTC 2011

On Thu Nov 24 02:20:40 2011, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> According to http://mail.jabber.org/mailman/listinfo we have the
> following email lists at xmpp.org:
> CommTeam
> Council
> devcon
> gaming
> Interop
> Jingle
> Members
> mobile
> News
> Operators
> PubSub
> Security
> SharedEditing
> social
> Standards
> Summit
> TechReview
> webteam
> whiteboarding
> xmpp-commits
> xsf-ietf

Yikes. Half of these I'd never heard of.

> At the least, I think we can easily disable (but not remove the  
> archives
> for) the following lists, because they have had no posts of  
> substance in
> 2011:
> devcon
> gaming
> mobile
> News
> webteam
> whiteboarding
Seems fine.

> I suggest that we can do the same with the following lists, which  
> are
> not very active (discussion can be redirected to members at xmpp.org,
> standards at xmpp.org, or jdev at jabber.org):
> CommTeam => members at xmpp.org
> SharedEditing => standards at xmpp.org
> social => jdev at jabber.org
> TechReview => members at xmpp.org
I'd rather shut down the teams, and replace them with SIGs - I don't  
see a need to restrict these to the membership. I'd also like to  
stick someone in charge of these, so there's a responsible body to  
keep things going - that person, I think, ought to be a member.

As for Social, I honestly don't know where that belongs. I'm not sure  
it deserves its own list, but I wouldn't merge it with jdev either -  
nor standards...

> In the future we might want to close lists like MUC, PubSub, and
> Security, but the lists mentioned above would make a good start.

Security is an oddball - we have lots of folk on there that wouldn't  
care as much about general XMPP work.

But MUC and PubSub haven't really proven themselves to be worthwhile  
as a seperate list (almost the opposite). I could also say the same  
for Jingle, even if it's much more active.

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