Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Oct 26 16:13:59 UTC 2011

On Wed Oct 26 12:26:33 2011, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> > I'm sorry to be pedantic, here, but that thread basically says we  
> either do,
> > to quote:
> > (1): Reopens applications until (i.e.) Sunday. All existing votes
> > will be cleared and the process restarted.
> > (2): Reset all existing votes and restart the voting process  
> without
> > the mystery board member and Waqas.
> > We seem to have done neither - applications weren't reopened as  
> far as I can
> > tell, but we have included the additional applicants.
> Peter made the executive decision announced here:
> http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2011-October/006541.html
Peter offered to pick one, and indeed seems to have been unclear in  
which was picked.

> I have seen no complaints on the list and started the elections on  
> his request.
Kev raised the issue of reopening the applications immediately, and  
clarified later the same day in detail:


(This was largely in response to Ben's point that I understood as  
expressing a preference for option (2)).

> > Did I miss an announcement that applications had been reopened?
> no you didn't,

OK, in that case I think this is a problem.

I'm willing to be told I'm alone in this, although given the board  
meeting discussing this was quite lively, I'm not so sure.

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