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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Sep 9 09:40:07 UTC 2011

On Thu Sep  8 17:20:16 2011, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> I have not removed Nathanael Fritz because he is a council member  
> and
> Nicolas Vérité who is a board member.

Can we even do that?

For Nicolas is makes no difference - he can continue to serve on the  
board as a non-member just fine - but although I did try to push for  
automatic membership for council members, that didn't get any  

So rather regretfully, I don't see anything in the bylaws that would  
allow us to retain Fritzy as a Council member (not that there's much  
more of the term left, so it doesn't matter as much as it might).

The only loophole I see that we could have used would be to assume  
that sitting members of Council and/or Board were presumed to be  
implicitly reapplying; however we would have still needed to vote on  
those reapplications.

Is there any other loophole I'm missing?

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