[Members] 2011-09-28 XSF Board Meeting minutes

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Wed Sep 28 16:33:34 UTC 2011

Minutes, XSF Board meeting
xsf at muc.xmpp.org

  Florian Jensen (Board member)
  Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director)
  Mike Taylor (Board member)
  Jack Moffitt (Board member)
  various XSF members

  Will Sheward (Board member), with regrets
  Nicolas Vérité (Board member)

- FOSDEM planning
 - dev room
  Ralph mentioned in the Council meeting that he would coordinate the
dev room.  When the booth notice happens, we should respond "yes
please" - Peter will forward the notice to the members list when it
 - tshirts
  Jack suggests that Daniel might be interested in updating last years
design, but put it on a different colour shirt this time.  He will
email Daniel to find out.

-  XSF Verify followup
 - Mike has early code
 - we need to create a source code repo
 - Kev to setup repo after Mike emails him the details
 - work on initial set of tests so we can have a FOSDEM hack/test fest
 - continue to encourage participation from developers in the community


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