[Members] signin-to-browser initial architecture proposal

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Apr 30 12:02:21 UTC 2012

Hiya folks,

During the last Board meeting - which I entirely forgot to send any  
minutes for - there was quite a bit of discussion on whether, and  
how, we should push for XMPP in the browser.

One option which we were generally in favour of was to produce a  
concrete proposal, and an implementation - and particularly for the  
latter case we (as in the XSF) would put some cash toward encouraging  
someone into doing it.

The attached mail has a fairly abstract proposal for how Browser  
sign-in might work; I think all of this is achievable by using XMPP,  
and moreover, I think we should explain, and demonstrate, how.

As the Board Chair, I think this is absolutely what the XSF should be  
doing - if we're successful, it'll produce a massive step forward in  
the amount of XMPP deployment. It seems we have perfect timing to do  
this, if we're reasonably quick.

If there's support within the membership, then we'll sort out a more  
solid offer, scare up some funds from industry, and get a move on.

I think we can get an agreement in principle this week - we could  
have a meeting at 1530 UTC on Friday to finalize.

What do people think?

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