[Members] How about a round-up post on FOSDEM/XMPP Summit @xmpp.org?

jehan at zemarmot.net jehan at zemarmot.net
Sat Feb 18 15:36:10 UTC 2012


Le 2012-02-19 00:06, Matthew Wild a écrit :
> The fact is that we do have people who can't make the events who 
> would
> like to participate. Being able to hear the group discussions and
> talks that took place, after the event at a minimum, is helpful I
> think.

I concur. As being one of the people who couldn't make it, I find it 
sad that all the recordings just go to the void. I don't say that I 
would have listened to all of them if there are hours of them, but would 
definitely have made a selection to listen if they were available.

This kind of decision from people who don't want their participation 
recorded and published kind of makes the event feel like against the 
whole idea of the XSF: a *public* Standards Foundation with an *open 
process*, as far as I know, not a private company, here for money and 
wishing to hide assets, secret business plan, or what else.

I don't say that we should go against Kevin's decision now if that was 
actually not clear, but I therefore propose that it should be made clear 
from now on that anything contributed during/in any of the XSF media 
(mailing list, xmpp.org chatrooms, official physical and non-physical 
events, and so on) is deemed public and publishable. As far as I know, 
that's how it works in the IETF and I am astonished if we don't have 
some policy written down already about any kind of contributions (I 
searched a little, but could only find about XEP contributions 
specifically in the IPR policy, not contributions in general).

And if someone does not agree with it, one should not participate (none 
is forced to) rather than prevent the open process of the Foundation.
Could we add such a policy for the future?


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