[Members] XMPP Summit and FOSDEM 2012

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jan 4 17:03:56 UTC 2012

A few things to note about the upcoming XMPP Summit, happening at the  
same time as FOSDEM 2012.

1) The XSF has a formal "Work Team", open to any members, to lead the  
self-organization of our FOSDEM 2012 experience. Members should feel  
overwhelmingly encouraged to join, and help.

Mailing list is at summit at xmpp.org (this list also covers other  
Summit-ty things).

2) The XSF has also formed a formal "Special Interest Group", open to  
all, to discuss Interop testing at the XMPP Summit, and in particular  
the Friday before FOSDEM 2012.

Mailing list is at interop at xmpp.org

3) Finally, the XSF has a dev room at FOSDEM 2012, and has several  
slots available for interesting XMPP-related talks. In general, these  
talks are best used to target audiences wider than the core XMPP  
community. Talks are welcome from all.


Dave. (As XSF Chair)
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