[Members] Annual T-Shirt Debate

Diana Cionoiu diana-liste at null.ro
Thu Jan 19 22:28:20 UTC 2012


Our great designer Stefan made a design for XMPP t-shirt.

It can be found at:



P.S. Sorry for not getting this earlier to you guys.

On 01/13/2012 05:22 PM, Matthew Wild wrote:
> On 13 January 2012 13:32, Dave Cridland<dave at cridland.net>  wrote:
>> Folks,
>> As many of you will remember, we tend to sell T-Shirts at FOSDEM, in part
>> because everyone else there does.
>> The XSF differs from most of the projects in selling t-shirts at close to
>> cost, historically - instead, we're really more interested in drawing people
>> to the stand to talk about XMPP, and to publicise XMPP through FOSDEM and in
>> general.
>> We're shorter on sponsors for this year's event, so we need to be careful
>> not to make an actual loss here. Last time we did t-shirts, we did indeed
>> make a loss.
>> Also, historically, we have a fun argument each year about what colour
>> t-shirts, what the logo should be, and so on.
>> For reference, the going rate for a simple t-shirt at FOSDEM is €5 to €15.
>> Some people have sold them at €20, from memory. €5 is (very) cheap for a
>> t-shirt at FOSDEM.
>> Rather than start this argument from scratch, this year Florian and I have
>> been chatting things over, and we're giving some initial options out. It
>> *is* possible to pick both.
>> 1) A "Hooded T" - t-shirt material, long sleeved, with a hood - with a (very
>> simple) varsity/GAP style "XMPP" across the front. Colour of the hooded T
>> would be "Dark Graphite", which is essentially a dark grey. Cost price is
>> about €13, so selling these at €15 will make some profit, but they'll be
>> amongst the more expensive.
> Sounds like a good idea, considering the time of year and the location
> of the event. Everyone selling t-shirts at FOSDEM always amused me for
> this reason :)
>> 2) Black t-shirt, breast-print, as three years ago. Picture:
>> http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/xsf-2009.jpeg (Awful picture, but you get
>> the idea).
> I don't have any of these. Would buy.
>> As history, we still have some of these, too:
>> http://dave.cridland.net/t-shirt/xsf-2010.jpeg
>> (They have</presence>  on the back).
>> We failed to sell many of these in 2010, and even failed to give them away
>> in 2011. In fact, their only saving grace is that the picture compresses
>> almost 300k better, and that's not the most useful sales point. Note that we
>> had to drop our prices when they didn't sell, hence my reasoning that we
>> should ensure we have an adequate margin to do so.
> I have a number of these (from when Florian was forcing them on us). I
> seem to recall no medium-sized are left, otherwise I'd take more. I
> still wear them regularly...
> Regards,
> Matthew

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