[Members] T-shirts, Hoodies, and logos - Oh, my!

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Jan 20 13:22:43 UTC 2012

Before I begin: VAT is a UK 'luxury' sales tax at 20%, related to TVA  
and similar across the EU. Last I checked there were roughly €1.2  
to £1. For our Amercian cousins, €1 is about $1.3, and £1 is  
about $1.55. In principle, there's some question over whether the XSF  
could claim back the VAT portion of all this - that's £280 - but  
it's firstly unlikely and secondly quite hard work.

So, this year we are getting (and these are now ordered and paid for):

200 Black T-shirts.

These are almost identical to those of 2009, but in order to reduce  
costs, the logo has been flattened in colour (ie, the gradients have  
been removed). Also, I used fewer capitals when I knocked it out.

Cost to us is £3.50 ex-VAT, which is (roughly) €5.04 inclusive. I  
suggest we sell these at €10. If we need to drop to €5, our loss  
will be minimal.

100 Charcoal-grey Hoodies.

Unexpectedly, I've been able to source "proper" thick hoodies. These  
have "XMPP" in college-style lettering across the front. (Single  
colour, actually the darker orange from the logo. This sounds  
hideous, but is actually quite nice).

Cost to us is £7, or €10.08. I suggest we sell at €15, maybe  
€20. Again, if we do need to drop pricing to €10, our loss is  

The total, therefore, is £1400 ex-VAT, or, inclusive and in Euros,  
€2000 or so. I'm hoping that the Board will reimburse me...

The XSF could gain as much as €4000, based on the retail prices  
I've suggested, but in practise we won't sell them all. I'm hoping  
that we'll have arranged a US Summit in principle by the end of this  
one, so these t-shirts could be taken over to the US, but in any  
case, I'd suggest we watch the other prices in FOSDEM to remain  
competitive, and aim to drop pricing as sales droop on the Sunday -  
assuming they do. Any XSF members caught not buying on the basis the  
price may drop will be electrocuted. ;-)

Shipping isn't yet sorted - estimates for shipping run all over the  
place, and the best option may well be to take them across Eurostar  
by having Isode people (and any others handy) carry them. To give you  
some idea, shipping inside the UK for this amount would be around  
£50, whereas shipping to Belgium works out at £350 - we're not  
going to pay that much because it would break our margins.

The supplier is HoodyWorld.co.uk, they've been pretty helpful (and  
cheap!), and have given us back the adapted artwork. (This is unusual  
behaviour; typically any in-house artwork remains the property of the  
designer). The original artwork (including the Hoodie design) I  
knocked out (although obviously copying the t-shirt design from  
2009), and I'll reassign copyright to the XSF as required.

Proofs, so you have some idea, are attached, along with a close-up of  
the T-shirt design.

Dave Cridland - mailto:dave at cridland.net - xmpp:dwd at dave.cridland.net
  - acap://acap.dave.cridland.net/byowner/user/dwd/bookmarks/
  - http://dave.cridland.net/
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