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Subject: FOSDEM 2013 main track proposal / Federated VoIP
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 21:36:33 +0000
From: Daniel Pocock <daniel at pocock.com.au>
To: info at fosdem.org
CC: emcho at jitsi.org, bdale at gag.com, stpeter at stpeter.im


I'm just writing to propose a theme for a main track at FOSDEM 2013

Previous FOSDEMs have had a devroom for Telephony or VoIP

What I am writing to propose is a main track dedicated to Federation
of VoIP systems.  It would not just be for any VoIP product: only for
talks that support or encourage Federation (building systems that
interconnect the way email does with MX records).

The track would welcome speakers with a preference for either SIP or
Jabber: but the focus would be Federation

Useful themes:
- - how to get started with federation
- - identity and security across federated VoIP and why it is more
important than with email
- - the SIP vs Jabber debate (and why use both)
- - challenges and how to deal with them (NAT, codecs/patents, etc)

Given the recent announcements about Skype, I think this is more
important than ever:


Previous talks on Jitsi, FreedomBox, Jabber, etc have all been very
well attended (I've CC'd some of the speakers who always draw a big
crowd) and usually the devrooms are not big enough for the crowds,
another reason why I would encourage this for a main track.

My own web site, http://www.opentelecoms.org is getting about 100
unique visits per day on the federated VoIP section, another sign of
the interest in this subject.

I recently presented Federated VoIP at DebConf12, it was well attended
and there were some very good questions from the audience, this
suggests that people want to know more about the subject.


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