[Members] Static Site - final push

Steffen Larsen zooldk at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 06:11:31 UTC 2013

Hi Bear!,

Excellent job on the static site. I've done a lot of notices on the wiki on what is missing and what looks wrong.
But what I see the most is 404, because icons or html is missing.

I did a wget -r and grep'in on the output for 404 and found a lot. Maybe thats a good indicator to find missing urls.


On Aug 25, 2013, at 1:02 AM, Mike Taylor <bear at bear.im> wrote:

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> We are almost ready to switch the XSF site from wordpress to a static
> site that is automatically generated from GIT.
> but...
> I'm not a visual HTML person at *all* and I?m sure I've made some
> mistakes with the content - so at the most excellent suggestion from
> Tobias, I've created a wiki page to collect what we know is wrong so
> others can help fix it.
> The static site is stored in the XSF github repo just for maximum
> visibility and by tonight will be wired up so any changes to it will
> be pushed to the demo site.
> oh yea, the wiki page is http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Static_Site_Issues
> please do help by either looking for mistakes and, even better,
> helping to fix them by generating pull requests.
> much thanks!
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> pDtuzexcNB/06dMmX0bqQnNnwco7nTwJjINoR9gScbmu29k8Di+Q58V7aL/o4gMG
> 8aFu2oOZml/g1veuIidn3apHqtqjDMDSP1mtWXkgtSdYM//lzgm679FU3Td9NMiP
> K57y6NDnOJ4MO0pY+1uDQMvlf+pmdREuUYegWUm7MDM4tgweRZEh8uEPZDgGV9A9
> F7gg3ahE+MBITPrfzYbIVbka80K3wDQX16v0IVnpNhXUPmWefdS1FAAy0a6vSODv
> zOXJyZTrHhYveHZWcN2+WVvSrgkcyJKztA9MS/xgjekU4cEXmjllRvQcCkRt5pRU
> eEtRHRk7BBMK4J0Wazrhxy8TQXw24Hrs4nnvc/y8OWEpRAAHWiz1KnfFxr61dqTy
> HOxpEVB+dyIWr/fOdGyU92xpnx2SzBSaegErbJI1pqp6vJRjD3ef7vK+GgzaqYjK
> pcbLDmiCILIo7duui2Vm9WFfC9LsEvLMH/4iASiP+5FLXMpSuqdmh0undoTDZeDf
> Aj4OpnJFMPPKjqs4CCt3
> =l4Gy

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