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Thu Feb 14 19:54:12 UTC 2013

I am open to the idea of providing JID's. Currently, its like an organization (e.g. google) not providing a @google.com email to its employee because they already have a @gmail.com account.

Yes, I agree that it wont add any immediate value, since most of us will continue using our current jabber id's, but then until we have the system in place, further opportunities and possibities will always be like some talk at the dinner table. Though we will need to think how will we be maintaining this system. Who is going to issue new JID's everytime a new member joins in and what happens to JID's of outgoing member.

Abhinav Singh

On 15-Feb-2013, at 12:20 AM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

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> At FOSDEM, I was involved in a panel discussion about federated
> communication for IM, voice, video, social networking, and so on:
> http://freeyourspeech.org/?p=5
> http://freeyourspeech.org/?p=16
> As one outcome, various folks are working to encourage open-source
> projects and open-standards groups to offer federated communication to
> their members (e.g., wouldn't it be nice if Debian project members
> with @debian.org email addresses could also have JIDs or SIP addresses
> at that domain?). The little group of revolutionaries at
> freeyourspeech.org noticed that xmpp.org doesn't offer email addresses
> or even JIDs to XSF members, and thus doesn't really federate as an
> organization (although we do host XMPP chatrooms at muc.xmpp.org).
> Would the members be open to fixing this oversight?
> Peter
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