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Steffen Larsen zooldk at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 08:58:18 UTC 2013


On Feb 15, 2013, at 9:49 AM, Winfried Tilanus <winfried at tilanus.com> wrote:

> On 02/14/2013 08:54 PM, Abhinav Singh wrote:
> Hi,
>> Yes, I agree that it wont add any immediate value, since most of us will
>> continue using our current jabber id's, but then until we have the
>> system in place, further opportunities and possibities will always be
>> like some talk at the dinner table. Though we will need to think how
>> will we be maintaining this system. Who is going to issue new JID's
>> everytime a new member joins in and what happens to JID's of outgoing
>> member.
> I get an headache by the idea of yet an other account, but I don't mind
> to be reachable as [wahtever]@xsf.org. So why don't we take this as an
> opportunity to be really innovative and ahead of the crowd and start
> experimenting with technologies like webfinger, stanza forwarding,
> vcard-directories, whatever? This way we might help to solve the problem
> every is going to run into when implementing this.

+1 on that!. 
Stanza forwarding could be really nice!. I have like 5-6 accounts, but only uses two. The rest could be forwarded - just like mail. 
We have jabber search (XEP-0055) but yes something more high-level like web finger, opened with vcards and what not could be real nice thing to have. :-)
On my own servers I have it integrated with a LDAP backend, but to have that exposed would be a bonus..


> Winfried

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