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jehan at zemarmot.net jehan at zemarmot.net
Sun Feb 17 19:23:39 UTC 2013


Le 2013-02-18 03:51, Kevin Smith a écrit :
> Hi Jehan,
> On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 5:37 PM,  <jehan at zemarmot.net> wrote:
>>> I'd have thought that making 'getting a vanity address' one of the
>>> reasons to join does more to damage image than it does to enhance 
>>> it.
>> Seriously why would you say this? Why would it be "vanity 
>> addresses"?
> I thought that was the usual term for such things. I may be wrong.

Ok. No prob.

>> Also I am more speaking of XMPP addresses personally than emails, 
>> and the
>> fact that the XSF could itself use a bit more of XMPP. I feel that 
>> the
>> protocol would gain in being used by the organization, other than a 
>> basic
>> usage (chatroom).
> It may well be that the XSF could use more XMPP, or do more to
> encourage adoption, but I don't see why running another IM service
> would help with our core mission (every XSF member will already have
> an XMPP account elsewhere).

You are right that just another IM service is not that interesting. But 
XMPP is not only IM. I was for my own more seeing this as a first step. 
Of course if it were just to be a basic IM service for members all along 
and stay like this for years, that's sad, once more. But as others said, 
there are interesting technologies to explore for it to be more (stanza 
forwarding is an example cited).
I would really enjoy seeing the XSF become a pioneer and advanced user 
of XMPP technologies. In my opinion it should only be natural for the 
XSF to use every interesting XMPP technology possible, as soon as there 
is a valid implementation to use.
But of course, for this to be possible, that can only start from the 
start. And that means at least do something else than chatrooms.


> /K

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