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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Thu Jan 24 21:45:16 UTC 2013

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On 1/24/13 2:35 PM, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
>>> Can somebody create the account memberbot at xmpp.org
> <mailto:memberbot at xmpp.org>
>>> <mailto:memberbot at xmpp.org <mailto:memberbot at xmpp.org>> for
>>> me?
>> Yes, I'll do that, but I'm heading to the airport right now so I 
>> probably won't have time until tomorrow.
> Done!
> Alex will populate the roster, so expect subscription requests
> from the new JID.
> the roster of the old Jid contains lots of dead accounts. Many
> members are on the roster with 3 accounts or more. Many of this
> accounts or servers don't exist anymore and get server errors.
> So I suggest that all members send me their preferred Jids by
> email. Or all members add the new jid memberbot at xmpp.org 
> <mailto:memberbot at xmpp.org> to the roster. But then they should
> have their real name in the vcard, so that I can know who they are.
Sure, that works. And we'll make sure we do quite a bit of checking
before the next round of voting to ensure that we have only one JID
per member, only members are in the bot's roster, etc. :-)


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