[Members] "Form" of written Applications for Membership

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 27 11:44:53 UTC 2013

I was going to bring this up at the last Board meeting, but since we were
pushed for time, I asked for it to be deferred.

The essential problem is that while we assume that some information is
required in Applications for Membership, I cannot find the Board ever
formally adopting such, which seems to be required according to the bylaws
in Section 2.1:

*Thereafter, to be eligible for membership, a person, corporation,
> organization, or other entity must complete a written membership
> application in such form as shall be adopted by the Board of Directors from
> time to time.*

As such, we are unable to disqualify applications which fail to have
suitable information present. We have such an application this time around,
though it's someone we know, and as such it's not a crisis in the slightest
- however in the spirit of wanting to tackle problems prior to their
ascendance to the giddy heights of disaster-dom, I thought it'd be nice if
the Board formally adopted a "form" that we can point to should we need to

I suspect we could usefully XEPify this, which would make it rather simpler
to manage (and let Alex merely include a pointer in his Applications page).

By way of some reading material before today's meeting, I thought I'd put
together a quick proposal:

Membership Applications are written into the Wiki, linked from a page
stipulated by the Secretary and announced to the Members and Standards SIG
mailing lists.

1) Applicants are solely responsible for their own applications, and the
applications MUST be their own, and members and prospective members SHOULD
NOT edit anyone else's application.

  (a) Exceptions may be made with permission of the Board or the Executive
Director, and the Applicant concerned.

2) Applicants MUST clearly provide the following information within their

  (a) A valid email address specific to them.

  (b) A valid jid specific to them.

  (c) Any affiliations, as described within the final clause of the XSF
Bylaws, Section 2.1, repeated herein for completeness:

*An applicant for membership may not be admitted if, at the time of
> application or consideration, fifteen percent (15%) of the Members of the
> Corporation are employed by or represent the same corporation or
> organization as that corporation or organization which employs the
> applicant or is represented by the applicant.*

3) Applicants SHOULD clearly provide the following information within their

  (a) A full name, by which they are typically known and identified.
Dispensation to not provide such MAY be granted by the Board or the
Executive Director, however it is expected that this would not ordinarily
be granted.


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