[Members] Google Summer of Code 2014 - Should the XSF Apply?

Arc Riley arcriley at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 17:26:24 UTC 2013

Freenode uses their own IRCd with their own non-standards-compliant server
to server protocol.  From my previous discussions with the developers they
wouldn't want a 3rd party MUC service linking to their network because
they'd lose direct control.  They'd want it directly supported by their
servers running the same code so the same policies apply regardless to
whether you're using IRC or XMPP.

Freenode isn't EFnet, and yea Freenode isn't a "IRC network" in the
traditional sense, its a network that happens to use IRC, and that's
exactly why its a great target for XMPP.  Flip a coin, Rob Levin (lilo)
could have just as easily picked XMPP MUC for the initial  deployment.

While Rob is no longer with us, the people running the network do so in his
vision.  I think we could do this.

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 4:54 PM, Philipp Hancke
<fippo at goodadvice.pages.de>wrote:

> Am 28.11.2013 17:50, schrieb Arc Riley:
>  I'm going to pitch something a bit out of left field here -
>> Freenode.
>> Freenode is the largest IRC network on the planet and it runs their own
>> ircd.  Every day more people use Freenode than use all MUC services
>> combined.  Most FOSS projects have a channel on there.  I've previously
>> proposed adding MUC service support to their standard ircds and the
>> developers were open to the idea.
> I'd note that the psyced server has had the ability to link against at
> least one irc-s2s dialect since... I think it was 2006. Which enabled xmpp
> users to join MUCs.
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