[Members] Realtime at FOSDEM

Ralph Meijer ralphm at ik.nu
Thu Oct 3 08:39:48 UTC 2013

On 2013-09-17 21:34, Wynke Stulemeijer wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 09:59:41AM +0200, Ralph Meijer wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The Real Time Lounge, in combination with a Jitsi, was a big success
>> again, so we would like to repeat that in 2014.
> Hi Ralph,
> For completeness' sake, could you and the Jitsi people please both send
> us a request including the information asked for in the Call for
> Participation
> (https://fosdem.org/2014/news/2013-09-17-call-for-participation-part-two/)?

Hi Wynke,

Sorry for not responding earlier. I missed your message while I was
travelling for MonitoramaEU.

I see that Emil has kindly already mentioned some of the information,
but here are the details:

Project name

The Realtime Lounge

Stand description

The Realtime Lounge grew out of the long tradition of Jabber/XMPP stands
at FOSDEM. We aim to promote and show off realtime projects and
protocols with demos and realtime displays in a casual setting with room
for small discussions and interaction. We bring little stools, Lack™
tables, cushions and a rug, soft loungy background music, some laptops
and displays, swag and a bunch of friendly people.

The main drivers behind this idea are people from the XMPP Standards
Foundation (XSF), who also organise an XMPP Summit around FOSDEM every
year, along with people from affiliate projects.

Project URLs


Your name and relation to the project

Ralph Meijer, XSF and XMPP Council member.

Why should FOSDEM accept this proposal?

This unique setting has proven very conductive for collaboration on
existing and future projects around realtime technologies, both with
respect to Free and Open Source Software, and open protocols like XMPP,
PubSubHubbub and others. Realtime technologies have gained a lot of
attention in recent years with WebRTC, Internet of Things (and their use
of XMPP), logging and monitoring (with technologies like StatsD,
Graphite, Logstash, ElasticSearch) and more.

Optionally, if requesting two tables, motivation for the second table

We usually bring swag and also use the two tables to support laptops for
demos and projectors. Additionally, because of the larger area in that
corner of the K building, they provide a natural barrier to section off
the lounge space from the through-traffic.

Kind regards,

Ralph Meijer

PS. Of course we regret that we didn't get a devroom this year, but
having done this for so many years, we know how hard it is to make a
selection out the abundance of submissions. Better luck next time.
Thanks again for all your hard work on making FOSDEM an awesome event
each and every year!

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